Among adults aged 20 and older, about 90% have had at least one cavity.

That's according to the CDC. Something isn't adding up...What's the problem?

Outdated Practices
Our oral care is trapped in prehistoric times with habits and tools that haven’t changed in 50,000 years.
Inadequate Midday Solutions
Options like sugar-packed gums and cumbersome mouthwash don’t fit our modern, on-the-go lifestyles.
Constant Decay
Unchecked, each meal, snack, and beverage triggers immediate enamel degradation, a silent trigger of tooth decay.


We think your dental care needs a revolution - it's time for a change...

We are confronted with a pressing demand for a contemporary, pragmatic, and efficient all-day oral hygiene solution.

We go, where you go, delivering dental care everywhere...

Introducing The Frigo Mint: a revolutionary mint that enhances oral hygiene by neutralizing acid for optimal dental health. Transform your oral hygiene routine with The Frigo Mint, a cutting-edge mint that neutralizes acid for superior dental health.

About us


Backed by Science, so you keep living, we'll worry about Cavities...

Designed with Expertise

Frigo Mints did not emerge in isolation. Our development process has been enriched through collaboration with the esteemed Board-Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Frigo, guaranteeing a product meticulously crafted with a profound comprehension of oral health requirements.

Transform Dental Visits

Frigo Mints have the potential to enhance the dental visit experience. Crafted with a refreshing minty flavor and enriched with oral health benefits, they are meticulously designed to serve as the ideal post-treatment indulgence.

Ease of Distribution

Thoughtfully packaged for maximum convenience, Frigo Mints are poised to elevate the patient experience, whether presented within the dental chair or thoughtfully positioned at the reception desk.